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Logistics Logistics

Value Proposition


For customers facing difficult issues in logistics, NEC delivers solutions that introduce visibility into global logistics operations and streamline pre-shipment inspection for the logistics, distribution, as well as warehouse industries.

  • Realizes controlling inventory, managing operations more efficiently and optimizing supply chains
  • Contributes to shipping quality and higher customer satisfaction



  • Keeping ahead of the latest market demands by providing optimal solutions for functional enhancements that support customers and enable market sustainability
  • Continuously providing the best possible solutions that not only resolve current issues but also work toward bringing a brighter future for all


  • Providing solutions to diverse market needs across countries and areas and providing overall optimization to resolve ongoing issues


  • Enabling smooth service launches without impacting current industrial structures by providing services that suit the particular needs of each country and area
  • Offering consulting services for a range of needs from system implementation to upstream services (data centers, etc.) and providing support for specific data collection systems (EDI, RFID, GPS, image recognition)


Function/Operation Feature
Logistics Visualization System
NEC provides solutions that allow customers to continuously advance according to logistics development and degree of sophistication, while also strengthening enforcement and maintenance functions. Visualizing the logistics, optimization and efficiency of global SCM is robustly supported.
Also, through logistics quality sophistication, NEC contributes to the business expansion of logistics and manufacturing, and national-level economic development.
Warehouse Product Inspection System
This solution streamlines pre-shipment inspection for the logistics, distribution and warehouse industries. By preregistering product image and weight information, items and quantities can be instantly identified through automatic verification.
The system also improves shipment quality by eliminating human error.

Case Studies

DMICDC Logistics Data Services

image photo

Logistics Visualization Solution
NEC brings visibility to logistics supply chain to aid enterprise operations in India.


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