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5G <Empowering Lives through Connectivity>
								5G <Empowering Lives through Connectivity>


Empowering Lives through Connectivity

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Blog - August 29, 2022

NEC Explores Beamforming from the Sky to Help Close the Digital Divide

Despite enormous advancements in communications technology, there remains a considerable segment of the world’s population that is disconnected and unable to take advantage of the life-changing power of the Internet and mobile communications. In this article, NEC takes a look at a novel approach to closing the digital divide by using high altitude vehicles to reach remote, underserved areas.


Empowering Lives Through Connectivity

5G networks are changing the world, evolving wireless networks into dynamic, life-changing pathways to unprecedented levels of bandwidth and throughput speed. Putting highspeed, broadband connectivity into the hands of every citizen of the world is just the beginning. NEC, with our long tradition of technical innovation, is leading the way toward open networks that feature interoperable solutions , greater freedom of choice for operators and the ability to introduce new services on the fly. 

The propagation of 5G networks, and beyond to 6G and further, will deliver on the long-promised connected society that will change our everyday lives and revolutionize commerce, public safety, manufacturing and more. This is only the beginning.

Why NEC?

NEC has already delivered on this vision, acting as prime integrator on complex, multi-vendor, end-to-end 5G networks comprised of our own cutting-edge solutions and best-in-class products from leading industry partners. This end-to-end 5G network supports Open RAN components and the world’s most advanced 5G core, transport and BSS solutions.

NEC is a global innovator, providing technical expertise in IT and global networks for over 120 years. There’s value in that experience that we pass along to our customers every day.

Over 120 years

Integrate and operationalize best-of-breed solutions, leveraging NEC's specialized skills and partner networks to enjoy the promise of open solutions.

Specialized System Integration

Open architecture enables a rich, competitive environment that drives innovation and delivers faster launch of new services and new revenue streams.

Faster Time-to-Market

An ecosystem with reliable vendors and an expert team managing integration delivers flexibility, resilience and security.

Flexible, Reliable, Secure

Blog - August 2, 2022

NEC and Juniper Networks Partner to Bring Sustainable Business Growth to the Metro Transport Network

NEC and strategic partner Juniper accelerate collaboration to create a new wave of innovation to the service providers’ transport network. Learn how Juniper’s AI-driven Cloud Metro solution combined with NEC’s end-to-end network integration services can help service providers increase efficiency through automation, simplify their operations and optimize power consumption.


What's new

Blog - July 22, 2022

Building the Converged Core for the Future

The new paradigm for a mobile packet core is not simply scaling the core in order of magnitude beyond the previous generation. Learn about the benefits of cloud-native Converged Core that brings flexibility for centralized networks to MEC deployments on the edge, allowing operators to grasp new monetization opportunities with lower risk and high resiliency.


Latest white paper

Moving to Open RAN

The introduction of Open RAN represents the biggest shift in radio access architecture we have seen during the last two decades. Promotors claim it comes with great promise such as lower costs, scalability, faster and greater innovation, unprecedented flexibility and shorter lead times for deployment of new services...

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